Frequently Asked Questions: Beard Oil and Beard Balm Edition

We answer some of the most popular questions on Beard Hydration, Balms and Tradition Beard Oils so you can make an informed decision about your Beard Health.


Why Hydrate your beard?

Beards are a wonderful protector of skin; but can also a bring a whole new set of problems. Dry skin is the biggest issue with beards. Flakey, itchy, scratchy, tingling issues. That’s why beard oils and balms were invented; to combat the itch and hydrate the skin and follicles! However, now we know more about skin we realise that this method of soaking your beard in a bath of oil is so outdated and counterproductive. This is where Dr Sleek Lab comes in.


What is so different with Dr Sleek Lab Beard Oil to other Beard Oils and Balms on the market?

Beard oils are usually a combination of essential and heavy oils, which is hydrating for your hair to a certain extent but terrible for your skin! Balms are the same issue; heavy thick butters like shea and cacao that leave the skin feeling suffocated.

Dr Sleek Lab has the solution!

We have developed a micro formula, full of vital vitamins and minerals for good skin and hair health that isn’t going to sit on your face and clog your pores.


Beard Oils and Beard Balms do hydrate; but at what cost and how much?

Well, the answer is most beard oils and balms don’t actually hydrate enough, regardless of how much you cake on.

 It’s only ever surface level because the oils used are too big a molecule to get to where they are needed most.

Oils such as coconut, almond, macadamia, and castor, and butters such as shea and cacao are way to large to penetrate the surface.

Instead, they pool in skins pores where they start to fester and rot skin, causing breakouts and patchy beards!

Don’t worry Dr Sleek Lab will fix this issue!


Why is Dr Sleek Lab better than Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

Our patented, micro technology formula means we are miles ahead of our competitors and paving the way for a new and healthier movement in Men’s Skin Care and Grooming.

Our formula is guaranteed to melt instantly into the skin and penetrate deep into the dermis layer, where hair follicles and skin need it most. No more clogging pores and sticky heavy face. Dr Sleek Lab is 100% Breathable!

Another Perk of Dr Sleek Lab Beard Oil that it is mess free. Because of how micro the formula is there is no sticky oily residue which means you can use our products on the go without worrying about that new shirt being ruined by a big old grease stain!


Why is Dr Sleek Lab better than Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

Vitamin E is one of the BEST things you can use on skin and hair for a healthier beard and here is why;

  • Reduces the oxidative stress on hair follicles and preserves the lipid layer of skin.

  • Repairs damaged and dry hair follicles

  • Promotes growth of healthy stronger hair

  • Reduces hair breakage

  • Powerful antioxidant that protects the cell membranes of skin

  • Helps to even out and heal parched/dehydrated skin patches

  • Helps to break down inflammation and increase blood flow, a major factor for stunted and patchy hair growth.

  • Helps rejuvenate tired and dull looking skin

  • Aids reduction of premature aging of skin

  • Lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation zones of skin.

  • Helps to regulate oil production

  • Aids in fading scars and marks to skin such as razor burns and blemish scars.

  • Works as a hair stimulant

  • Mends split ends

  • Can prevent premature grey hairs


Should I apply Beard Oil Every Day?

With Dr Sleek Lab Beard Oil, we recommend using it every day in order to see and feel the full effects of our potent formula.


Does Beard Oil Really Help and How long does it take for Beard Oil to Show Results?

Dr Sleek Lab Beard Oil certainly does! Clients have noticed instant relief for itch, dander and lustre.


What happens if you do not use Beard Oil?

It is the same as asking what if I do not use facial Moisturizer.

We use these products to restore and protect our skin and hair from damaged by free radicles, daily grime and exposure. Without use of these types of products skin and beards dry out, causing an environment where premature aging takes place, hair breakage, itchy dander, as well as a myriad of other skin issues.

Trust us when we say it is much easier to look after your skin and beard now than try to turn back the clock months or years from now!