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                Load image into Gallery viewer, Dr Sleek Lab - Beard Oil and Cologne

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Dr Sleek Lab - Beard Oil and Cologne

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Dr Sleek Lab - Beard Oil and Cologne

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Dr Sleek Lab - Beard Oil and Cologne

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Dr Sleek Lab - Beard Oil and Cologne

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Dr Sleek Lab - Beard Oil and Cologne
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Dr Sleek Lab - Beard Oil and Cologne

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    About Our Oil: 

    Aside for the fact it is the best beard oil/serum/skincare/wingman out there on todays market, there are also some other great aspects.

    Each oil is lovingly hand crafted in Melbourne, right town to the labels, and by loving we mean we give them a balanced upbringing so they can fend for themselves. 

    Everything is sourced locally too, and we only settle for the best certified organic oils and vitamins. It's 'legit'... not sure if that word is cool or not. But if you were wearing the beard oil and you said that in public no one would judge you, because your beard looks and smells like success. like Wall Street in the 80's success. We only dream to be as cool as you. you could probably make up your own word to describe how awesome things are, because your better than us. and it would catch on. Like a 90's Wrestlers slogan. Anyway enough nostalgic references. lets go back to what we are cooking. 


    Our signature scent has been crafted using a blend of sultry and herbaceous notes. Each selected and meticulously paired to form fragrance that can be described as walking into a luxury cigar lounge. We are not going to tell you all the ingredients though, its our 7 secret herbs and spices that will keep you coming back. In essence, we have created a Cologne for your face. Trust us on this. you will love it. and everyone will love you. Big claims but we are sticking to them.

    Oh and our piece de resistance; as the oil melts into the skin, magic happens with your ph, creating different high notes. Thus creating your own, individual, signature scent.

    Say whaaaat?


    Function & benefits:

    We would like to create a picture book on 101 uses for your beard oil, but I think after 59 it would get weird. But honestly there are so many benefits for using this product.

    Use to reduce dryness, flakiness and irritation of the skin beneath the beard. It clears up practically any big time skin issue too, like psoriasis and eczema.

    Our formula features Argan oil and Almond oilThese guys help your hair.

    Almond oil contains high amounts of vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant; which means it will strengthen your hair at the follicle, reduce split ends and make the hair stronger.

    Argan oil stimulates hair growth, tames the frizz, and repairs brittle hair. Not to mention adding shine and softness.

    Argan also helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles and clarifies uneven tone.


    We also use Camelina Oil, which is phenomenal for skin! It is full of Essential Fatty Acids needed for making our skin healthier, maintaining proper skin functionalities and also resolving various skin conditions; such as dryness, eczema, redness, itching etc.

    It also creates a healthy EFA barrier on our skin to help protect and hydrate.

    We also add A LOT of high quality vitamin E; which literally reverses the signs of ageing AND premature greys! shh

    Subliminal message:

    Buy the beard oil


    Depending on length, 1-2 pumps for a short beard and up to 4-6 for fully grown Beard. Rub it on palms and work into the beard upwards and Downwards to ensure maximum coverage. 


    Our unique formula hydrates and conditions the Beard without any greasy residue or buildup; leaving your beard fully Breathable with a healthy low shine finish. Not to mention that dapper masculine scent. You delicious devil you.


    Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Argania Spinosa l (Organic Argan Oil), Camelina Sativa (Organic Cam Elina Oil) Fragrance, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Niacin (Vitamin 83) Just get it already I can't believe you are reading the ingredients.